Tis the Season {GIVEAWAY}

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*A quick note about holiday cookie orders - We are in FULL holiday cookie production mode! Yippee!! You are welcome to view our six holiday collections by clicking here. We are making a lot of cookies, but we will have a fixed number of orders available for each collection that we will produce by Christmas. If you want to order now, but have the cookies ship at a later date, please email Anne Yorks at anne@flourboxbakery.com. We would be happy to make that happen for you!*

Tis the Season for _______________. How do you fill in this blank?

I think it could be:

Tis the Season for GIVING!

Tis the Season for BAKING!


Tis the Season for FAMILY and FRIENDS! 

To celebrate the season of giving and to celebrate 500 fans on the Flour Box Facebook page, I am hosting a giveway! Read below to enter!!!

But first, here are a few more recent cookie projects...

Happy Teeth Cookies for a special girl that recently got her braces off. 

A special Penn State cookie order. This was a project I made for my friends on the Beaver Stadium Jumbotron crew. I don't sell these cookies. The license to sell Penn State logo items is thousands of dollars! Not in the FBB budget. Plus, the approval process is quite involved. I'm not sure I'd ever make enough to recoup the costs. 

My friends loved the cookies. I really had fun making them too! The guy that asked me to make the cookies wanted them for crew appreciation day. So I made a few cookies that said, "Thank you". But I put the logo in place of the 'O' in you. I also made football jerseys. The 22 is significant because it is Evan Royster's number. A star player on the team this year.

I did a few oval logo cookies and some polka dot paw print cookies.

Then I did my favorites, a Joe Paterno cookie and a Nittany Lion cookie. Joe didn't turn out quite as expected, but I was super pleased with the lion! He's cute!!

Just before Thanksgiving I had two Baptism orders.

Christening Dresses...

The tiny ribbons made this a special cookie...

Here are the dresses all 'dressed' with ribbons and ready to ship...

For the second baptism, I made sheep cookies. This cookie design was inspired by a pair of jammies my little girl had when she was only a few months old. I loved them so much I turn the sheep into a cookie! I love the pink curly accents!

These monkey face cookies went all the way to Spain! A really sweet mom ordered these for her son's birthday. Funny thing, we went to Penn State at the same time and graduated with similar degrees. We both think each other looks familiar, but can't pinpoint if we actually knew each other. I love funny little connections like that. 

A special order of flowers for a sympathy gift. My heart goes out to the recipient. I hope these cookies brought a smile to her face.

And a congratulations order with a few custom blue ribbons...

And horses (this is sort of what the winning horse looked like)...

Ok, here is how to enter the giveaway...

Since it's the Season for Giving...please leave a comment on this blog post with how you plan to give back. It can be ANYTHING...a plate of cookies for your neighbor, a couple dollars for the Salvation Army Bell Ringers, a gift for Toys for Tots, a gift from Samaritan's Purse ... you get the idea. Big or small we can all do something.

Here's what I'm giving away, a total of three different gifts for three different winners...

1. One Free Box of Holiday Cookies - my favorite collection...The Very Merry Christmas!

2. A Free copy of the CD Here from singer/songwriter Tim Shutes

3. A Free copy of GoingLOCAL: Volume 2 written by Ken Hull (best for PA residents).

No purchase to enter. This is just for fun. I will ship to US addresses only. 

ENTER BY Saturday, December 4th. The three winners will be announced on Sunday, December 5th. Good Luck and Have Fun!