A Baker's Holiday Wish List

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here are the winners from the giveaways! Congrats! I will contact all winners by email to work out the shipping details:

The Very Merry Christmas Cookies go to...

I plan to take every opportunity to teach my kids that God provides great satisfaction when we give – involving them with volunteering, making Christmas Child boxes, and dropping change into the Salvation Army buckets.
Posted by Mom of Three on December 02, 2010

The Tim Shutes Here CD goes to...

We plan on ringing bells for the Salvation Army, and just spending time with family. Raising our boys to be men of God is probably the best thing we can do to give back! We love Christmas time!! God bless!
Posted by Rachel on December 04, 2010

And the book, Going Local 2 by Ken Hull, goes to...

I plan on making baked goods and distributing them to my neighbors and find that December is a great time for random acts of kindness-ie paying for the car behind mine at starbucks, etc!
Posted by Katie Deitrich on December 01, 2010

Thanks to all that posted for the contest. Your entries were truly inspiring. I was so encouraged to read all the great things people do during the holidays and throughout the year!!

Since we've been chatting about giving. Just curious, is anyone giving to a baker this year? Here is what might be on their wish list. 

A pink rolling pin!

Find it at http://www.centralchef.com/StoreFrontProfiles/DeluxeSFItemDetail.aspx?sfid=129590&c=110326&i=185256856

I love this next one. A cupcake nutcracker! I love his cupcake hat, candy staff, and polka dot boots.

Find it at http://shop.christmascentral.com/items/item.aspx?itemid=11167377

I always love finding ordinary things that look extraordinary. How about these colorful Mixing bowls and measuring cups.

Find them here at Joseph and Joseph.

Bakers needs to look cute, right? How about a retro Cookie Monster pink graphic tee.

Find it here at http://www.truffleshuffle.co.uk/store/i-love-cookies-ladies-cookie-monster-tshirt-from-famous-forever-p-2433.html

And of course every baker needs something totally unique and special to display their treats. How about this gorgeous butterfly 3-tier cake stand?

Find it here at http://www.presentdreams.co.uk/3-tier-butterfly-cake-stand-p115/

Maybe your baker would love solid colors for their cake stands...like these from Pottery Barn.


Mix with style with these funky spatulas. I love these!! Especially the cow print. Hilarious!

Bakers spend a lot of time on their feet. So don't overlook shoes for a gift. I think any treat maker would LOVE these adorable sprinkle shoes!!


And a little bling too...


Isn't this charming?

Maybe a little razzle dazzle for your finger???


Then there is this totally fun gift from Bake it Pretty. (a little secret...i just ordered this. I couldn't resist). 


I think the following tags would be adorable on a treat/cookie bag!! They are handmade and customizable!!



or tags for the holidays...


Or maybe they just want a Flour Box Bakery Boat Tote? : )

I love totes. I don't think you can ever have too many!!

Ok, back to work for me! No more day dreaming. I have to ice some cookies!!

Have a sweet day,