Time for a Nap!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is one of my all-time favorite Christmas cards....

This is exactly what I want for Christmas. Anyone with me?? Of course, I won't be napping in my red lipstick!! 

I would love to say one last thank you to all customers that ordered this holiday season! I was so excited to make your cookies. I appreciate everyone that is sharing the response to their cookies. I'm getting emails, facebook messages, and texts with the thank yous that came in from the cookies. I love it! I always wonder what people think when they open the box and getting those messages gives me satisfaction that the cookies found a good home. I have gotten the biggest response from the Santa's list cookies. 

People sure did get a kick out of  those Nice and Naughty lists. Rumor has it that one person photographed the cookies and photoshopped them to switch around the names on the lists. Ha ha. That's great!

Before we close out on this holiday season...here's one last view of Christmas cookies.

Custom trains for Lehigh Valley Rail. My dad is a train nut. His dad was a train nut. I'm not a train nut. But, I am a train cookie nut :)

I made engines, coal cars, and cabooses. (cabeese?) Whatever. I made them in the yellow and black LV Rail colors.


Drying ornaments, bells, and white doves. 

A collection of basketballs for the Mighty Eight's end-of-season party.

A few of the cookies from the Nativity collection. I tweaked Mary's face and hair and the angel's face. It's simpler and a little more delicate. A definite improvement over the original design. 

A client order sheep cookies for a daytime sleepover party! What a fun idea for 4-year-olds that might not be ready for the real sleepover yet! I heard the cookies were a raging success. 

Getting the red filled in first....

Then the Santa face detail gets added...

I did so many snowmen and snowflakes this year!!

I made these glimmery snowflakes for my little girl's Christmas Program. I didn't have time for too much drying...so I decided to do detail and sugar. They were popular...not a cookie left on the plate. Topher was so happy that I kept two at home for him!

Smile-less snowmen and bow-less presents.

Smiles and noses added...

My hairdresser ordered a two-cookie gift pack for her clients (the ladies that come in weekly to get their hair 'set'). I made brushes, hairdryers, and mirrors. 

This photo is from one trip to the Post Office. All the cookie boxes got loaded on this big cart and were wheeled into the back room. Cool. I waved goodbye as they rolled away.

Just in case you think my brain has been exclusively on Christmas cookies, I'm excited to announce that I have at least SIX new cookie gifts options to share with you. They will be added to the site in January. I am SO EXCITED for these. Need some hints...some are black and white, some are fit for royalty, and some are doubly sweet!! I can't wait to share the photos soon! Oh - wait and I forgot to mention that I have a brand new collection with 3 different gifts to introduce - a partnership between Flour Box and a very special organization. I can't wait for 2011!!

Have a very sweet holiday,