Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is it cold where you live? In Pennsylvania is been steadily in the 20s. Not much snow. But lots of cold. 

I try to stay positive and happy in winter.

Christmas certainly helps. It's such a warm time of family and friends.

I go to the Lady Lion basketball games. That's a great break from the cold. 

I bake cookies. Hours in front of the oven certainly warms me up.

But still, each time I step outside ... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 

So to beat those winter blues, I have created a super cute set of Winter Penguin Cookies. These happy little fellas LOVE the chilly weather. But it's even a little cold for them too.

So one little guy needs his scarf.

And the next little guy has a warm hat with beanie on top.

And the last little guy has earmuffs. (in case you were wondering, penguins DO have ears. I looked it up. They just don't have the external ear like us. Their ears are covered up by their feathers.)

An audition for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular show...

I had some good inspiration for these cookies ... a roll of Christmas wrapping paper that I just loved!

I actually used my ladybug cookie cutter to make these penguins : )

Inspiration can come from anywhere!

The Winter Penguins. are now a regular item on the website. They are ready to make winter happier.

I have one more new winter collection to share. I hope to have it up soon. 

Happy Sweet Winter!! I hope you are staying warm, too! 


PS - I am working on a post about my 31 days of cleaning and organizing. I posted a comment on (my personal) facebook and got more comments than ever before. It's been fun and I am looking forward to chatting about it.