Winter Cupcakes

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you eat more sweets during the winter? I know I do. Christmas cookies certainly give my tallies a big boost, but even without Christmas, I think I find it comforting and warm to enjoy hot cocoa and a cookie. Mmmmmm. Especially if I'm reading a really good book like 'Minding Frankie', Maeve Binchy's latest book. (It releases in the US in March, but my mom got a copy from a shop in the UK - lucky us, because it is so good.)

So, in an effort to make wintertime just a little sweeter, I have made a set of Winter themed cupcakes.

The Winter Cupcakes will be added as a regular item on the Flour Box website. Each gift has 12 cookies, 4 different cupcake designs. None of which are ready for a cupcake war. Just happy to be a cookie posing as a cupcake.

Here are a few close ups....

My favorite - the snowman cupcake. He's a happy little chap. There is also the swirly sugar crystal cupcake.

The snowflake cupcake and the snowflake cupcake with polka dots (I think this one looks like it is snowing.)

I have been working on a few variations for a Valentine's Day collection. I am super excited about this : )

I also have a few other new cookies to share, just been so busy with things that I haven't gotten to it. I hope to carve out some time this week to update my website. 

Have a sweet week,