Birthday Cookies Fit for a Princess

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, January 27, 2011

So is it me, or is January an odd month (especially for us non-NFL-football fans)?

Packing up and cleaning up after Christmas. Paying off Christmas. Working on a New Year's resolution (not so much). Short, cold winter days. I think that is why I actually like Valentine's Day. I look forward to the red and pink decorations - it's just a nice little burst of color in the midst of the winter grays. Speaking of V-Day...3 out of 4 cookie collections are now up on the Flour Box site. Check them out here. (one more Cupcake cookie gift will be coming very soon).

I'm also looking forward to February for TV. Toph and I took a break from TV in January. What a major adjustment that took. No TV. No movies. No Good Wife or Community, no Bones or How I met Your Mother. I'm not going to lie. I really missed TV. But, in the end I found lots of ways to fill my time. I listened to the radio and took the KLOVE 30-day challenge. I also did a ton of reading, reading, reading. I read my Bible more this month than any other. I read a cute, not scary, murder mystery, my new Maeve Binchy book, a few non-fiction books, and I also started the Twilight series. I'm halfway with that. My assessment is that it strange but good. I like it. But really, you're going to trade your SOUL for some guy. No thanks. Did I just hear some Twihard gasp? It's just a book to me.

January has also been a good month for getting organized. I have been working on pulling my house into some order. I have also been organizing some of my Flour Box files. In doing so, I realized I never added my super cute, new Princess Birthday Cookie Collection to the website. 

I'm so excited about these cookies. I think they are my new favorites. (of course I say that about every new cookie)

Here are the cookies, in their pink and purple glory!!

A pink and purple birthday cake, finished at the top with a cute little princess tiara.

Golden yellow princess tiara crowns with a cute loopy loop thing and some pink accents.

The princess castle. Of course there is a ball going on inside! The princess has until midnight to meet her prince!

Pink and white 'glass' slippers!

Pink and purple princess gifts. I wonder what would be in these gifts? A new sparkly tiara maybe?

A princess gown, with lots and lots of ruffles and bows!

Here is the entire collection. It comes with 14 cookies, 2 purple gifts, 2 pink gifts, 2 cakes, 2 castles, 2 dresses, 2 tiaras, and a pair shoes. You can view order details here on the Flour Box product page.

I will be posting a super sweet Valentine's Day collection next! I can't wait to share!!

Have a sweet day,


PS - The winter cupcakes (from my last post) have been officially added to the site, too!