President Obama Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, February 3, 2011

Please ... before you read this post, please keep in mind that these are not political ... they are just cookies. Just flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. That's it. : )

With that said...

It's kind of cool when the President comes to town. He is here today at Penn State to visit research labs and deliver a speech about energy efficiency. I am not one of the 1,000 people that will not attend the speech. Too bad, because I would have loved to give President Obama a cookie gift, of course. 

Thankfully, I did get an order from a member of the Centre County Democrats. I decided to make the Obama 'Horizon O' and a portrait cookie of Obama. I hope they enjoy these cookies ... and if the Leader of the Free World gets a sugar craving mid-speech, hopefully someone will pass him a cookie (and milk too). Can you imagine if that would happen? That just makes me smile thinking about it.


There seems to be so many preparations that come with a visit from the President. Sections of campus will be closed off today and certain roads will also be closed. Air Force One will be landing at our local (small-ish) airport. The landing and take-off are closed to the public. What a shame. I would love to see that plane. My mom TiVo'd a special on the history channel all about Air Force One. Not a bad way to travel.

I am excited for Topher (my husband). He will be part of the crew that will be televising the event on the Big Ten Network. I usually watch most things Topher works on, and I'm definitely going to check this out! It's on today, LIVE, at noon on the Big Ten Network.

I enjoyed making the portrait cookie. I did the base white layer first, then went back and added the face detail, piping and flooding the different areas to get Obama's face. I found this image online. It was similar the image that was used on Obama HOPE posters.

I love red, white, and blue - so I had fun making the Obama 'O' cookie. I always get a little nervous with light and dark colors next to each other because they can run together and bleed the colors. I did the white icing first and let it dry for an hour or so. Then I went back and did the blue and let that get dry. The red was the final color added to the cookie. I am normally very careful with my cookie work, but I really took my time with these cookies, out of respect for the President, of course.

Maybe President Obama needs a White House Cookie Girl? I'm available. I would be happy to make cookies for special events or visiting dignitaries. Wouldn't it be cool if the United States had a 'Cookies for Peace' campaign. I think cookies and milk maybe could solve the world's problems. 

"Hey Iran. Grumpy today? Feeling like persecuting the innocent or taking advantage of neighboring countries? Here, have a cookie and some milk from Meyer Dairy." 

And then there was peace : )

Ahhhh, if it only it were that simple.

God Bless America,