On a Journey

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seems like my family and I have been on a journey this year. 

I made a bajillion Valentine's Day cookies (that's just an estimate of course). 

So many lovely cupcakes...

and hearts ...

and lovebugs...

and owls...

We've been making many trips to Hershey. During one of the trips I took my little girl to Chocolate world. We took the tour, watched the 3-D movie, and enjoyed lunch in the cafe area. Oh, and of course we bought a ton of chocolate and world's longest Twizzlers for Topher.


We went fishing (in the bathroom sink). I was desperate for ideas that blustery day.

We've been on a lot of outdoor explorations in the snow. We like to hunt for icicles.This is of course when I'm not building snow castles for the snow princess. I'm the snow monster that loves to attack with snowballs. (In case you're wondering, we don't wear our tiaras in the snow.)

We also like to make snow angels. 

From snow angel to sleeping angel ... playing in the snow = AMAZING naptime!! (wouldn't those butterflies on the sheets make for a great cookie design?)

So it was good timing that I got an order from the Journey Radio Station (out of the Pittsburgh area) for their one-year anniversary! I was honored to create a logo cookie and a foot step thank you cookies for their special supporters and volunteers.

Here is their logo.

And here is the cookie version (they requested just 'The Journey' on the cookie) ...

This order sneaked in right before Valentine's Day. I had my hands full getting these done just in time to start the V-day orders!

The colors matched the radio station's colors. 

They were all packed up and ready to go be enjoyed.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in checking out The Journey, visit their website at www.thejourneyradioministry.com. They have listener information, a blog, and plenty of resources!

That's all for today. We've also been on a dessert journey...but I'll save that for my next post!

Have a sweet day,


PS - I never did get a chance to write a post about the organizing project I did in my house. I just didn't have time. But, I did want to let you know that cleaning up has it's rewards. I found my long-lost 'Official Etch-a-sketch Club Member' patch and this .... 

My ticket to the December 11, 1990 New Kids on the Block concert. My mom was a very brave woman to take me to that concert! I still have (and occasionally use) my souvenir from that day - an NKOTB pillow case.