Tulips, Roses, and Daisies ... Oh My!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's the start of March and that means Spring is on it's way! Is there any better feeling than knowing that the nice weather is right around the corner?

Luckily, my first week of March was FILLED with lots of yummy flower cookies. I'll be adding a few new collections to the site under a new category called, wait for it ... Flowers. I know, so unexpected. I think flower cookies are great for almost any occasion.

Here's a peak at what's coming... a box of assorted flowers like ...

Pink roses with gorgeous green icing leaves...

White Daisy Cookies with a yellow center and pink accents.

and bright beautiful red Tulips ...

Here is the collection all together.

Last week I also made a bunch of daisies...these daisies with the blue accent are for a super cute collection I made for a photo shoot for One Sweet Party. I cannot wait to show you the feature cookies. They turned out so great.

Then there is a Daisy Cookie Collection ... with pink, yellow, and white daisies. So sunny and so happy.

Here's the full collection called, Everything's Coming Up Daisies.

I made a bunch of Secret Keeper Girl 'ruffle' daisies. These are so big and beautiful. Especially if you love icing just as much as me!

I also made more than 200 mini daisies in pink, yellow, purple, white and aqua. That's a lot of minis!! But they are so cute and you can just pop them in!

Did you know that Yellow Roses are a symbol for friendship? 

And Pink Roses are great for just about anything...especially love!!

I decided to offer the light pink roses with the dark pink detail. I love the contrast.

And since Spring is just around the corner...the Spring Fever Cookie Collection will be back out on the site very soon! This one was very popular last year...it has a little mix of everything from flowers to watercans to springy bugs!

More fun cookies to come...

Have a sweet day,



  • Srie

    Sep 17, 2012

    - I AM THE PROPOSER in these photos!!!I codlun’t have asked for a more perfect location, weather, and fiance9 for this proposal! =). And to top it off, we were fortunate enough to have YOU there to capture it ALL for us. I can’t explain how grateful I am ofor you to have the consideration and kindness in you to supply these unforgettable memories for us that we will cherish forever! I can’t wait to share this with all my loved ones.

  • Walama

    Sep 16, 2012
    Video Demo 2010 a nine-minute-long clip of found footage from Dadabit, which aepaprs to be the collage archive of a visual artist from Georgia (the country). It was made in collaboration with Sunny Levine, who produced Ariel Pink’s amazing new album (which not the music in this video, FYI). We suggest you recline back in your puffy chair with some yerba mate and lose yourself in the gauzy light of the images, cause this is a brain-sized goose-feather pillow of weirdness. (via Schmooze)
  • pandaranol

    Jun 20, 2011

    Combler de vingt-cinq ou trente sous, ou bien en appui des accusés, de fabrication régulier et de la place un riche propriétaire. Enchaîner bien ce qu’elle fait, et il écouter les voix parler quasi au fond cet gaillard appartenir que, dans ses sous-vêtement blancs.

  • Cristin (Pinkie)

    Mar 06, 2011

    BEAUTIFUL! My favorite is the pink ladybug!

  • Lynda

    Mar 06, 2011

    SO ADORABLE!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink ladybugs!!!!!

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