Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogging is usually my reward for when I have finished my 'to-do list' and have free time. This year, I haven't had as much time as I usually do. I have been out of town or busy with orders. I have really been bumped from my regular blogging rhythm. This morning, I took a few minutes to get my ideas and photos organized with the hopes of writing and posting on a regular schedule. I miss it. 

So with that said, this post is definitely a little smorgasbord of photos and updates.

First, I'm older. I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. It was quiet, but nice. I had plans to make a delicious set of cupcakes, but got a big cookie order that put the kibash on those plans.  So instead I enjoyed (and tried to share with my family) some special treats from the local cupcake shop *ndulge. We were actually hoping to have cupcakes from Sugar on Top (our other local cupcake shop) and *ndulge and have a mini Cupcake Wars for fun. But Sugar on Top was booked that day and I missed out. It was ok. Our *ndulge cupcakes did not disappoint, Snickerdoodle Doo, Lemonardo Da Vinci, Apple Pie Cupcake, and my favorite - Root Beer. Mmmmmm. Hopefully can get cupcakes from both shops next time. : )

Second, Topher is older. His birthday is exactly one week after mine. (Actually, I'm 2 years and 51 weeks younger, but who's keeping track?). Again, our celebration was quiet, but nice. I unexpectedly had to help a family member that day, so I did not get a chance to make him a special treat either! I did have a special dinner planned - Mini-cheeseburgs (not a typo - that's what we call them), mushroom and potato pierogies, and salad with lots of veggies. Topher and our little girl made his birthday cake - strawberry and vanilla and it was so yummy!!

(don't worry - we didn't burn down our house with those candles. I was in charge of photos and apparently didn't use the candle setting)

Third, our birthdays were so quiet because we spent the time between them on a mini vacation in Indianapolis. Not really a vacation hot spot in early March, UNLESS you happen to be a big basketball fan. We made the long drive out west to enjoy a  few days cheering on our Penn State Lady Lions.

We chilled with the Nittany Lion...

We enjoyed the Penn State Pep Rallies...

And we enjoyed watching our team take control on the court and guide our team to the Championship Game. What a bummer that we fell to the dynasty that is Ohio State. I really believe that we will prevail next year and take home the golden basketball trophy. Still, despite a loss in the final game, it was a heck of run and I was so proud of all the Lady Lions accomplished. 

As soon as we returned home, it was cookies, cookies, cookies. Here are a few projects, but I have SO MANY more to share!! I can't wait because I have a really cool custom project that I'm dying to show you.

Did you know Subway is turning 25? Yep, and I got an order for a gift for a local Subway shop. They requested the Subway logo and a cookies with Happy Anniversary. Logo cookies are tough because they have to look 'just like' the logo. I was pleased with the final product even though they gave me a little bit of a hard time in the beginning.

These next photos are from before our birthdays and trips, but I didn't get a chance to post them. Lots and lots of trains. This order was from a great customer and I was so excited to make these special trains for their son's birthday.

Coal Cars...

Engines ...

And the Caboose...

(in case you're wondering, some cookies were ordered with names and some without)

I did a cute baby shower order for a Noah's Ark Themed Shower... These photos were taken by the Sister In Law, Tracy Houser of TJHouser Photography (local in Centre County). Thanks, Tracy for sharing these adorable photos with me!!

Finally, I got a custom order from my good friend. She needed a sympathy gift for a Irishman. So we decided on a cookie with a bouquet of flowers and a few shamrocks. 

I really liked making these flower cookies. They remind of a cookie design from Loren Ebert of 'The Baking Sheet'. Loren pre-makes beautiful mini-rose decorations. I didn't have the time to allow those to dry, so I went with a simple rose style. Next time I'd love to try Loren's technique - she has posted a tutorial on how she makes the roses. She is so talented and has a great blog. Here is a link if you want to check her out. She makes beautiful cookies and cakes. 

So here are the cookies. I hope they made the recipient smile when this loss has made them feel empty of smiles. 

Here is the bouquet with a few of the shamrocks.

That's enough for one day. I told you it would be a mis-match of pictures. I promise more focused posts are on their way!

So coming soon ... baseball cookies, Star Wars cookies, law cookies, and a super cute custom fairy tale cookie project!

Have a sweet day,