Easter Parade of Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is anyone else excited for Easter's arrival? I am! It's one of my favorite times of year.

I love celebrating Jesus, spending the day with my family, cute floral dresses, egg hunts, and Easter baskets full of candy and surprises! What's not to love? It's a bright time when everything feels new again. 

Here are a few cookie options for Easter 2011. Order by April 18th. Cookies will ship between April 19-21 unless you contact me. Last year, Easter orders sold out. I'll be making more this year, but it will be a fixed quantity, so order while the cookies are still available. 

Chicks and Bunnies click here to view order info


Spring Fever click here for order info


Egg Hunt click here for order info


Easter Parade click here for order info


Are you planning an egg hunt this year? Here are a few ideas for great egg hiding places.

Outdoor egg hunts
  1. Flower Arrangements or Flower Pots
  2. On top of a car tire or car muffler (just don’t start the car!!!)
  3. Bury an egg in the backyard (leave the dirt messy as a clue for kids to find this egg)
  4. Bird or Dog House (watch out for the birds and dogs!!)
  5. In the mailbox
  6. Under leaves
  7. In a drain spout 

Indoor egg hunts
  1. In a bookcase
  2. In a shoe
  3. In a paper towel roll
  4. In the egg carton
  5. In a vase
  6. Behind picture frames

Are you sick of the same old Egg Hunt format? Here are a few Egg Hunt variations to try with your family. 
  1. For an Egg Hunt with a variety of ages: Assign each child an egg color. They are responsible for finding only those color eggs. Older kids can help the younger kids!
  2. Hide a golden or prize egg.
  3. Eggs by the moonlight. Hold your Egg Hunt at night. Set boundaries in your yard and give each child a basket and a flashlight.
  4. Hot / Cold Egg Hunt. Help the egg seekers by telling them hot or cold as they hunt for the eggs. As they get closer to an egg then they get HOTTER!
  5. Blindfolded Egg Hunt. Partner kids in teams of two. Blindfold one child. This is the egg seeker. The other child is responsible for guiding them to egg hiding places, but they can not touch their partner or the eggs. Verbal directions only!
  6. Assign each egg color a value. For example, red is 5 points, green is 3 points, and so forth. At the end of the egg hunt tally the points. The child with the most points, not the most eggs, wins!

What are your favorite egg hiding places? I'd love to know, so leave me a comment.