Be Audit You Can Be

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you hugged a CPA today? It's that time of year when accountants are going nuts trying to meet the biggest tax deadline of the year. 

I had the honor of making a set of Tax Day cookies. Definitely a sweet way to say thank you, right?

I started working with my client a few months ago on this order. We had a ton of ideas for the cookies, but in the end, we settled on pencils, calculators, coffee mugs, and calculators. 

The most difficult cookie in the bunch to design was the tax return. And I had to make 50 of them. This cookie is 2" x 4" and so there is just no good way of replicating an exact 1040 tax return form. So I went for a 'likeness' of a tax form. 

It included a special message from the sender and the most important party...the refund!! I decided to make the refund the same as our year. 


My favorite cookie of the order was the calculator. 

The buttons were raised white icing. After letting it dry completely, I added the numbers and symbols. Again, I used the tax due date as the screen number ... April 15, 2011. I wonder if any of the CPAs noticed before they took a big bite of their cookie?


This was the first time I made a pencil cookie. I will be using this design for another order for Teacher Appreciation Week in May. I found it online at www.CopperGifts.com. If you love cookie cutters, you really need to check out their selection. It's the best!

I know a few CPAs and they totally don't fit the nerdy stereotype. As a matter of fact, they are some of the funniest and personable people I know. So I guessed a there are lots of CPAs with a good sense of humor out there. That's why I included the 'Be Audit You Can Be' coffee mug. 

Topher had a little fun with these cookies. Wouldn't it be great if taxes were as simple as using a cookie pencil and filling in 5 lines to get a refund. If I were President, I'd make this law. 

And if you make an error, no problem, just erase it and start over.

Or just eat it all and call it a day!

Have a sweet week...and if you still have to do your taxes...keep calm and have a cookie. I had a few cookies while prepping my taxes and then I brought a few extra cookies to my tax lady. She was so excited. A little sugar rush to get through the busy season.