Cleaning up the Crumbs

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, May 7, 2011

It came to my attention last night that people don't like to leave crumbs of tasty treats on their plates. They will scrape a fork to get the last bit of icing. Or they will dab a finger across their plate picking up the few remaining crumbs. Of course, usually they think no one is watching. At least I don't. I try to be as incognito as possible. Unless you're 3. Then you do what you want and hope you're mom doesn't spy you.

Today's post are a few delicious cookie crumbs that haven't been posted yet. I thought I'd just put them all in one post.

We made some special pencil cookies for my little one's preschool teacher. My little girl told me what to write on the card and then she signed her name:

"Dear {teacher}, School is the best. You are the best teacher."

I think she summed things up pretty well.

Here's another photo I forgot to follow up on. Do you remember the 'guess that cookie cutter' game? It was an xbox controller.

Here are the finished controllers. The bright round cookies are the letter buttons the customer requested for cupcake topper cookies. Cute and fun. 

The controller is basically the same size as a real controller. So I'm sure a few kids had fun playing their cookie before eating!

Remember these nautical cookies I made recently?

I got a request for the same anchor cookies, with a white, yellow, navy blue, and black theme for a wedding favor. I love making wedding and baby favors. I just think about the wonderful day that awaits and pray that they have a very blessed marriage. It's just so exciting.

Finally, a friend needed some special cookies for a new big sister. She is a girly girl and so we decided to modify the princess birthday collection and add in a 'World's Greatest Big Sister' cookie'. It's hard to tell since the cookies are wrapped, but the big sister cookie is totally blinged with disco dust. I hear the cookies were a big hit!

The princess dress just happens to be one of my favorites to make.

That's all for now. I think I have cleaned the crumbs off my plate!! Enjoy your weekend and I'll be posting some more fun beach cookies soon!

Have a sweet day,



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  • Donna

    May 08, 2019

    I would like a price on 75 of the anchor cookies….I would like them gold, black & white with the bride and grooms name and date. I need them for October so please tell me when I would have to place the order….thanks

  • Kelly Nagley

    Apr 02, 2018

    Please get back to me on a price for about 60 of the anchor cookies, i saw this post was from back in 2012. do you even still take orders ? thank you, Kelly

  • Demetra

    Aug 31, 2017

    I wanted to know about ordering cookies

  • maureen winick

    May 07, 2017

    I like the anchor cookies. can I find out about pricing please?

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