How to Make a Sushi Roll Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, June 5, 2015

I get a kick out of cookies that look like other food! And this new sushi roll cookie might be my favorite yet!

I had so much fun planning this cookie project. Would you like to see  a video of how it was created?

The key to this cookie design is the royal icing transfer. A royal icing transfer is an icing decoration that is made ahead (often piped onto parchment), dried, and added to a wet base of icing. Many times an image is printed or sketched and placed under the parchment paper to replicate an exact image over and over.

The little icing decoration of the crab, avocado, and ginger is the royal icing transfer in this project. I decided to use a transfer because I wanted to be able to add the rice jimmies while the white base was still wet. However, I did not want jimmies under that center area because it would be bumpy and uneven. So, I made the transfers a day ahead on parchment. I let the icing dry completely, decorated them with food pens, and then peeled them off to add to the white just before adding the jimmies. 

I don't use royal icing transfers often because I have a KopyKake (a projector that puts the image on the cookie). But, this is what I like about royal icing transfers...

1. They are great if you don't have a KopyKake. You can make an exact design over and over by tracing an image that is under parchment. Then once they are dry, they peel off. It is like a little piece of candy. Like the 'S' on this superhero chest.


2. They are great for monograms! Especially if you're adding any embellishment to the monogram. Take this number 5 as an example. I did not want the gold disco dust on the background of the cookie. I made the 5, added the gold, and let it dry. Then while the pink background was still wet, I added the 5 to the icing base.

3. They are easy to make ahead if you are using up leftover icing. The numbers on the football jersey were made ahead. Then they were added to the cookie while the blue background was still wet.

A few tips about royal icing transfers: 

1. Make sure they are dry before using. They are easier to peel off the parchment if they are dry. And, they won't adsorb any color for the wet base.

2. Make extras...they are fragile and can break easily when peeling.

3. Avoid making transfers that have skinny and fragile areas. They will be difficult to peel.

I hope you enjoyed this sushi project as much as I did!! 

Have a sweet day,