Star Wars Redux

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, June 13, 2011

FLOUR BOX BAKERY UPDATE: The stork is visiting Flour Box Bakery this summer. As a result, I am not currently accepting new orders. My baking schedule is booked through the summer until my due date. At this point I'll be updating my website so that it is clear that I'm taking time off.  I will continue to update my blog with my summer cookie projects. I hope you'll continue to follow my cookie adventures until I'm back to work! Thank you to all my wonderful customers - I look forward to baking for you when I return from my 'cookie-in-the-oven' leave!!

A few months ago I had a flurry of Star Wars orders.

I did storm troopers,

and Boba Fett.

I also did a Jedi Training themed party with Yoda cookies and light sabers.

But until a few weeks ago, nobody ordered any Darth Vader cookies. I was so excited to try a new character! 

His helmet is a little intimidating, isn't it? I should have made a big smilie Darth cookie. Of course, that might have upset the diehard Star Wars fans in the world. I don't think Darth is a smilie kind of guy. I think it is best I left him as is. 

May the sweet be with you,