How to Decorate Make-up Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Can you tell that I really enjoyed making these cookies...I mean REEAALLLLLY enjoyed it. They are so simple and fun and cute! What's not to love? 

Good news, too...we made a time-lapse video of the decorating process. Remember, this video is sped up...so it does not show the drying time of the royal icing (recipe available here). I like to allow icing areas to dry a few hours before flooding the next area and piping the details to avoid color blending. 

(Bonus: there is also a video of the Spa Girl cookie coming soon)

I love these cookie cutters! They are all available here in the online shop! 

From the cutter to the cookie......!

I love the simplicity of this set! Each cookie is easy and together they are all so darn cute!

Stay tuned because later this week we are releasing a video of the Spa Girl using my all-time favorite cutter, the cupcake with swirl!