Never say Never

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, September 12, 2011

WARNING: The end of this blog post contains cookies that may not be appropriate for young audiences. These cookies are intended to be fun, not offensive. So please enjoy the humor. 

Cut-out sugar cookies are so versatile. There are thousands of cookie cutters that can each be decorated in thousands of different ways. As a result, hand-iced cookies make amazing cookie favors and gifts. They are just so personal. I've done a million animal cookies, baby cookies, and birthday cakes. Those traditional shapes are great. But, throughtout the past few years I've received quite a few fun cookie requests. Below, are some of my favorite requests (although, I think you'll agree the cookie featured at the bottom of this post probably takes the cake as far as unique requests go)

I've made a speedo cookie to go with a swimmer cookie collection. I normally used that particular cookie cutter for bikini bottoms and it worked nicely for the Speedo as well.

The Converse sneaker was fun. I actually used an ice skate cookie cutter and cut off the blade. It made a perfect hi-top sneaker.

Then there was the salamander cookie. Sal. He cracked me up! He was a writer which is why he has a writing implement in his hand.


I personally love the Penn State cookies, especially the Nittany Lion and Joe Paterno cookies. Those are my favorites. Of course, no one makes a JoePa cookie cutter, so these were hand cut. These cookies weren't for a customer. I made them for the camera crew that works the football games.  

Then there was the time a customer requested a giant cookie/cake of Elmo. This was a first for me - a giant cookie. I sketched a big Elmo on cardboard and then cut him out and used it as a template. The eyes, nose and mouth were separate cookies sitting on top of the big Elmo head cookie. I used buttercream icing for the red fur and royal icing on the the rest.

The West Point graduation cookies were a challenge. Those golden helmets were tough to pipe and then they all needed a coating of gold luster dust.

The 50s housewife bridal shower. At the time, I could not find an apron cookie cutter. So I had to hand cut each apron myself. Time consuming, but worth the effort.

Braille Cookies. What? You don't read Braille? Neither do I. My customer had to work out the dots. These cookies say "Beyond Sight" and were ordered for a blind artists' first exhibit/showing.

And hot dogs with all the fixins. I think these are so funny. Wouldn't they be perfect for a tailgating party? I prefer my dogs with kraut and mustard. I would eat the cheese dog or the dog with ketchup. But never, never, never would I eat relish. Just doesn't turn me on.

The cookie of the leader of the free world. Just a little pressure the get these right. Thank goodness for my Kopykake!

Little Red Riding Hood - this cookie required nine different icing colors.

The tax return cookie...nuf said.

I've even made a fish wearing a diaper for a baby shower. (unfortunately I don't have a photo of this one).

So with all these special requests, I have always had one rule - NO BODY PART COOKIES. I just don't do them because I feel weird about icing one of those or two of those or whatever. I also didn't want my little girl asking, "Mommy, what is that cookie?" Awkward.

But then, my most special customer asked for a body part. She is fighting liver cancer and each month she gets a very painful treatment shot in her tuckus. Some months the shot goes well and other times it hurts - a lot. Her nurses and doctor are amazingly caring and supportive and have helped her through every uncomfortable procedure.

So when you're dealing with cancer it seems to help to keep your sense of humor. You know they say laughter is the best medicine. I'm sure that being an oncology nurse or doctor has a high level of stress as well, so finding a moment to smile or laugh would hopefully be welcome.

And this, my friends, is why I decided to break my body part rule, just this once. I figured a dozen butt cookies wouldn't be a big deal.

Since my customer is Irish, I dusted the cheeks with a little pink luster dust to give them a rosy look. It's a little tough to see this effect in the picture, but in real life, it was just enough glow for a bum.

I used my heart cookie cutter to get the butt shape, I just flipped it upside down and trimmed off the point of the heart. Bingo, Easy Peasy (this is what my little girl says when she's accomplished something grand). The band aid was added after the bums dried. I used a food marker to add the dots.

And my punny heart. Get it? Bottom? I just couldn't resist.


So in the future, I will keep to my body part rule. But it's nice to be a little flexible once in a little while. I hope they made you giggle.

Have a very sweet week,