Gimme, Gimme S'more

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I love to bake with my little girl. It's one of the greatest joys of my life. She loves it too. We have matching pink aprons that we wear when we bake (from The Hip Hostess). 

We high-five each other after we add ingredients. We laugh. We taste test. We turn on the oven light to keep an eye on our treats. We always have the radio blasting while we bake. It's a good time.

Three weeks ago, Grace turned four. She wanted to bring an extra special treat for her friends at preschool. She decided she wanted to make S'more bars. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

This S'more treat is so special. This was our first baking project since her sister arrived. And it was so nice to have a little time for just the two of us.

I found the recipe on Hersheys.com. Click here to view the full recipe.

We made a few changes. I wanted to have enough bars to share with Grace's entire class, plus I wanted a few extras for us at home. So, I doubled the 'graham' crust portion of the recipe and increased the amount of chocolate and marshmallow.

Making the crust was fun for Grace. She creamed the butter and sugar together.


She loves to crack eggs.

She mixed the dry ingredients.

Then we patted the crust into the baking dish and added the chocolate. (the recipe called for an 8 x 8 baking dish, but we upgraded to the 9 x 13. We also wanted a small section to have white chocolate since Topher is allergic to chocolate. So we used Hershey's milk and white chocolate chips instead of bars.)


To make our bars a little extra special, we made homemade marshmallow instead of using the fluff. I posted a tutorial on this last year. Here is a link to the homemade marshmallow blog post. Marshmallow is easy to make and it just tastes so much better homemade!


Instead of cutting it into small pieces, we left the sheet of marshmallow intact and tucked it right on top of the chips. Then we patted the remaining crust mixture on top.

When they pop out of the oven, they are a delicious, ooey, gooey, S'more treat! 

Happy baking. I hope you enjoy this recipe!!

I'm so excited it's October. I have a ton of super fun Halloween projects to share this month. So stay tuned. I hope to post one project a week. As I settle into the schedule of having a newborn, I'm realizing that I don't have as much time for the blog. Which is unfortunate because it is something I really enjoy doing. I'm committed to posting at least once a week, and if time allows maybe more often. We'll see. I'm taking it day by day.

Have a sweet week,