Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who says Halloween has to be all about the fright? I think it should be all about the fa-BOO-lous.

The inspiration for this collection came from a greeting card that had a really girly ghost on the front. I only like the fun, sweet side of Halloween. The scary stuff just isn't for me. 

Meet Cassie, the other friendly ghost.

Isn't she sweet? All gussied up with red lipstick and eyelash extensions, blush on her cheeks, and her best necklace.

Of course she doesn't wake up looking like that. She needs her beauty arsenal to primp. 

And when she's all done, she's fa-BOO-lous!! 

Here are the cookies all together.

I have three more Halloween cookie collections coming. I hope to post again soon. 

In the meantime...

Things have been quite busy around our house. Lots of little side projects going on.

I volunteered to plan the craft for my monthly MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. I started a pin board on my pinterest account just for MOPS craft ideas. You can find my boards here. My account is my name Anne Yorks, not Flour Box Bakery. I've only just started pinning, so I haven't posted too many items. It's so fun. I just wish I had more time for my boards.

(side note: if you're a blogger, etc, you can find out what people pin from your site by inserting your website name into the pinterest account...for example here is a link to see what people pin from my site - http://pinterest.com/source/flourboxbakery.com/)

I wanted to share this cute craft idea with you that we did at the last MOPS meeting. Some might say it's fa-BOW-lous. : ) I found the tutorial for these soda can flowers on the Bee in Our Bonnet website (one of my favorites). This blog has a ton of great craft ideas, activities, and of course great cookie decorating ideas. Click here to view the Bee in Our Bonnet website. Here is a direct link to the soda can tutorial http://beeinourbonnet.blogspot.com/2011/08/soda-can-flower-bows.html

I made these flowers by following the tutorial. 

They are so fun and easy. They can be made into:

a hairclip or hairband

a pin for a shirt or jacket or hat

a decoration for a gift

a magnet

or used in a flower vase.

The possibilities are endless.

I think it is especially fun if you use a variety of can colors. We don't usually drink soda at home, so I posted a call for cans on my Facebook page. A few friends were able to help out by giving me their recycling. There are about 25 ladies at the MOPS meeting, so I collected enough for each person plus a few extras. I just ran all the cans through the dishwasher to get any cooties off.

I saved the PBR can for a special project for Toph. 

I did not have a Cricut to cut my flowers. But it was easy enough to cut my flowers using scissors. To make it even easier for my MOPS crew, I made a bunch of circle stencils. 

I wanted to offer a four layer flower, so I made for different sized circle stencils.

Here is a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi can turned into four little flowers.

Then I just went nuts and cut a bunch of flowers.

I am hoping to make a few for Christmas presents. I'm making two sizes, a larger pin/accessory flower and a smaller magnet flower.

You definitely have to check out Kathryn's tutorial on the Bee in Our Bonnet website. She does a great job of explaining how to make these flowers, step-by-step. Again, here is the link to the tutorial on her site http://beeinourbonnet.blogspot.com/2011/08/soda-can-flower-bows.html

I have just started planning the craft for November. Since I mostly read cookie blogs, I'd love to hear your suggestions on what craft sites you visit. I am especially interested in the easy, low-cost craft ideas : ) Or maybe you have a fun craft pinterest board? Please share it with me.

As always, thanks for reading. 

Have a sweet week,