The Dottie Daisy Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, July 31, 2015

It's no secret that we LOVE daisies at Flour Box Bakery. The bright pink daisy in the Flour Box logo is a dead giveaway!! 

This particular polka dot daisy (or Dottie Daisy as I like to call it) is one of my all-time favorite cookie designs! It also just happens to be a great project for a beginner decorator. Would you like to see a video on how to decorate it?

There are two consistencies of Royal Icing used on this cookie, pipe and flood. (For more information on making royal icing, check out this video tutorial.)

  1. First, pipe the flower outline using a #2 tip.
  2. Then, using a squeeze bottle add the icing, or flood, the cookie base. While that icing is still wet, the polka dots are added with more flood icing (that is why it is called wet-on-wet!) Since it hasn't set up yet, the polka dots just melt into that base icing creating a cute design!
  3. Once that base dries (an hour or two in front of a fan), the petal detail is looped around the daisy and the center is added - all with tip #2. It's that easy!

The Dottie Daisy is great on its own...

And, it's a cute accent cookie too!

Here's the Dottie Daisy with watering cans.

And here are more daisies with this cute sun cookie inspired by Miss Cuit!

And, yes, that's the Dottie Daisy behind those cute bee and ladybug cookies. 

All three cookies are made with the chunky daisy cutter, too! This cutter is available in our online shop - click here!


I hope you enjoyed these sweet cookies - Have a sweet day-sy!



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