Secret Keeper Girl Cookie Redux

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I love my friends at Secret Keeper Girl. Not only are they all really fun, great people. But, I love their mission. 

Recently I asked my SKG friends if they would donate an item for an auction benefiting a 32-year-old mom with Stage IV breast cancer. I offered to make a few cookies to pair up with their donation. Secret Keeper Girl generously donated a gigantic gift package with all their books and other goodies. It was really amazing! And generous - did I mention that already?

I love making SKG cookies. As a matter of face, I have made several different designs and collections. When I return to cookie orders from my maternity leave, I can't wait to make lots of SKG cookies again!

I decided for this special event, I would make a new, bright cookie design.

When designing these cookies, I was inspired by their stage/set design. I had the honor of taking my niece to the SKG Pajama Party Tour last year. We rocked the night away and had a total blast. Then we hit Cold Stone Creamery on the way home to rehash all the fun moments of the show. 

Isn't that stage amazing? Those balloon towers are probably taller than my house. This stage is huge. (sidenote: if you're interested in learning more about SKG, reading the blog, or viewing their 2012 touring schedule, check them out at www.secretkeepergirl.com)

For my gerber daisy design, I did a base layer of dark pink of icing and then added some petals in light pink. 

I also added bright pink nonpareils to the center of the flower for a little texture.


Secret Keeper Girl is currently hosting a giveaway for one of their beautiful Danika dolls?

Check out their blog (click here) for the details.  You only have until December 2nd to enter!!

Have a sweet week,