Two new cutters, two new videos

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, August 20, 2015

This summer we have been busy adding and updating our cookie cutter line. Lots of fun new designs are now available, including these two big cutter sets from Wilton. These are two of my favorite sets that I use all the time!! 

This 101 set has all the basics for every holiday! It's available online here

A full set of numbers and letters, only $9.99. Can't beat that!! it's available here!

There are lots of new individual cutters now available, too. Like the flamingo cookie cutter!

There was a lot of discussion on facebook about the position of the legs.

For the record, flamingo legs are crazy and can go in practically any direction. Check out this photo I took this summer on vacation. This flamingo was asleep and stayed in this position for the 5 minutes I stood watching. It was totally fascinating. He was the inspiration for these cookies :)

Here's a video on how to decorate the flamingo!

Also new online is a cute, round apple cookie cutter! Just perfect for back to school! It's available here.

You could play this one straight, or you could make it nerdy!

Check out this design inspired by Sugarbelle! 

There are so many more fun designs coming this fall! Stay tuned!