Meet Mr. Flour Box Bakery

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meet Mr. Flour Box Bakery, a.k.a. Topher.

You know that saying, "Behind every busy baker is a great man." Oh, you don't know that one? Hmmmm.

In my case it's so true. I couldn't do anything without my cookie accomplice, Topher. 

Topher, a nickname for Christopher, is my husband and best friend. He's an amazing dad to our two girls. He's a Pisces, just like me. I refer to him in nearly every blog post, mainly because he is a part of nearly every cookie project I take on. 

He is the man behind the camera for most Flour Box photos (and the recent videos).

When he is not photographing cookies, he is the man behind the camera in his professional life too. Toph is not only employee of the month at Flour Box. He's also a Sr. Producer/Director at Penn State Public Broadcasting. He gets to work on some great projects with some really great people. Right now, his main focus is the show, Courtside with Coquese...a show about the Lady Lion Basketball team that airs locally on WPSU and nationally on the Big Ten Network.

Other talents to add to Topher's long list:

He's also the box builder, cookie packager, and label-putter-oner at Flour Box Bakery. Once or twice, he even decorated the cookies. Even when he's not helping, he'll stay up with me while I finish a big order. To keep me company. That's just the kind of guy he is. 

He's also...

Cookie Model...


funny guy...

Brad Pitt doppleganger.

Actually it goes a little more like this...

Zach Galifianakis + Jack Black = Topher

So the next time you look at a Flour Box photo or eat one of my cookies, you'll know just how it all came together.

Now that I'm back to taking orders starting this month, I will need Toph's help and patience more than ever. Juggling a work-from-home mom schedule can be challenging. I don't know where this cookie thing is going to take me, but Topher is letting me live my dream. As a matter of fact, he's jumped on board and living it with me. 

Have a sweet day,