Cupcakes, Owls, and Hearts

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, January 16, 2012

This year is off to a busy start. After taking 6 months Cookie-in-the-Oven leave (aka maternity leave), it's good to be back to decorating and taking orders starting this month. I am already working on several projects for customers that I can't wait to share. Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to a local girl scout troop. Next week, I am donating a special cookie order to Clearwater Conversancy for their For Love of Art and Chocolate event. And of course throughout all weeks, both my girls keep me quite busy.

That's why I'm trying to plan ahead a bit with Valentine's Day cookie options. I have been working on my baking plans for a few weeks. I am going to introduce two new collections for this year (they are in the works and I hope to have them out soon). 

And, I am offering three collections from previous years (in case you were wondering, my lovebug ladybugs are retiring - at least for this year)...

(if you click on the photo, you can view the order details)

Valentine Cupcake Cookies


Owl Will Always Love You

Message Hearts

There is no sweeter way to say Happy Valentine's Day than with hand-iced sugar cookies. So if you're looking to do something special for the ones you love, drop me a line for cookies. The two new options will be online soon. Orders will be accepted until February 6th or until I'm booked - could be earlier than the 6th. I'll keep you posted if that should happen.

One last thing...I'm working on a super fun project with a few cookie friends. I'm planning to post it this Sunday. I am so, so, so excited, but I'll wait until Sunday to spill the beans. It's just for fun and the creativity will make your jaw drop. 

Have a sweet week,