How to Decorate an Apple Basket Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Each fall, our family takes a trip to Way Fruit Farm. It's a wonderful annual tradition visiting the store, going on a hayride, picking out pumpkins and apples!! We also love their warm cinnamon donuts!!! If you're local, check out their fall schedule here http://www.wayfruitfarm.com/

So, because I'm so excited for the fall apple harvest, I have made apple basket cookies.

Would you like to see a video on these cookies? 

A few tips for creating these cookies!

1. Creating the fall colors. This is a trick I learned from Sugarbelle...add a dot or two of ivory food color to the green, yellow, and red. It creates beautiful fall shades! The ivory food color is available in the online shop - click here. 


2. Use 20-second icing on the apples! Those little apples are so small that if you tried to outline and flood them, you'd probably get dents. So, if you want you apples to look smooth and dent-free, use the 20-second icing. It's thinner than a piping consistency and a little thicker than the flood. That way, it will flow smooth, but still hold it's shape. I like the 20-second icing for all small icing areas!

***I allowed 30-45 minutes of drying time between piping neighboring apples to help them keep their shape and prevent them from running into each other.

3. Add the final wide basket detail using tip #44. It's soooo much easier to add a flat stripe of icing this way that it would be to pipe and flood. This tip is available here in the online shop.


If you're looking for the cutters featured in the video, here they are!

The cupcake cookie cutter (available here)

And the apple cookie cutter (available here!)


From me to you..Happy Apple Season! And, happy decorating!