Ooh La La Valentine Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last summer, I watched Midnight in Paris the same week I read The Paris Wife. Since then, I have been dying to do a set of Parisian themed cookies. What better opportunity than the holiday for love, right? Right.

I took my time selecting this collection's cookie shapes and colors. 

Shades of pinks, gray, white and black are so great together. 

The fleur de lis is a classic French symbol, literally representing a lily flower (fleur = flower and lis = lily). According to wikipedia, the fleur de lis has been used as a royal symbol and even a religious symbol, representing the trinity. 

The passport stamp cookie is probably my favorite of this collection. I did the test cookie in all black and it was a little one dimensional. So I decided to add a little color and viola...a cute design. I added the wavy lines gently to the cookie with a food marker. This is the second collection this holiday that uses a food marker. I like that it adds a different look and layer to the design of the cookie.

Of course, you can't have a Paris collection without an Eiffel Tower cookie. The real tower is 990' tall. The cookie version is only a fraction of that height at almost 6". Did you know it was a radio tower? It was built for the 1889 World's Fair. Not only is it a symbol of France, but it's often used in movies as a symbol of love. Kind of funny, since the tower was originally considered an eyesore. This cookie tower is pink and black and so delicious!

I loved the french message heart cookies. The shades of pink are fantastic and the font fits with the overall feel of the Paris design. 

Here's a little translation:

Je t'aime = I love you!
L'amour = Love
Ooh La La = Hubba! Hubba!

I'm not sure what to call my beret people. French lovers sounds a little racy. So I think I'll refer to them as the beret buddies? Nah. That's not working either. I'll call them les amoureux (the lovers). Perfect.

Here is the full collection...the Ooh La La Cookie Collection. You can order it here as well as view the rest of the cookie gifts offered this Valentine's Day.

L-O-V-E Letters   

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There are limited quantities of each collection available. Order deadline is Monday, February 6th or when sold out! 

On a non-Valentine's Day cookie note, I have a few more fun projects to share. I've been busy with making cookies, so hopefully I'll find a few minutes to blog and post the photos soon.

Have a sweet day,