How to Decorate an Elegant Teapot

Posted by Anne Narber on Thursday, October 8, 2015

My mom had a get together with her best friends from her childhood! She asked me to make some special cookie gifts. I thought pink, ivory and gold teacups and teapots would be perfect!

Last time I made cookies for my mom's friends, I took a sillier approach. A little tribute to their years in Catholic school!!

So, my approach this time around was a little more serious. To create the designs, I searched for pink and gold teacups and teapots. I found so many pretty options! 


I liked the polka dots on the teapot from Royal Albert . I liked the scalloped detail and two color areas on the vintage teapot from Georgia Gibson England. And, I love the unique shape of the top of the teapot on this necklace charm that I found in this cute Etsy shop!

Now that you've seen the inspiration...here's the video!

I used the teapot cookie cutter to make this cookie. It is available in our shop here

I used tip #13 to create the cute little rosettes at the end! It is available here!


And to create the gold accents, I used the FDA approved Gold Crystal Color! I love it. I mix with Everclear, but you can also use Vodka, water, or lemon extract. The Crystal Colors are available in our online shop here - 

I also have a video of the teacup and it is coming soon! In the meantime, check out the cute teacup video from a few months ago on our YouTube channel - click here to watch!  

Happy Decorating!