Peacock Cookies with a Twist

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, March 11, 2012

One of my favorite cookies to make is the peacock! Would you like to order? Click here to view the product info!! 

It is my most popular cookie favor to date. While I was making a recent order of peacocks, Topher tested out the time-lapse video feature on his new cell phone. Just click to watch, it's only a minute and a half long. 

I wish cookies got decorated that fast in real life. (and yes...this was all done with his cell phone! Nuts, right? Oh, and the music? Topher just whipped it up real quick on his guitar and matched it with the video. He's some guy!)

I made this recent set of peacocks for bridal shower. 

The order included both the peacocks and the feathers.

The feather is a fun design with a few layers of icing...I love this close-up photo. It shows some of the detail on the cookies. 

I had a little extra dough and icing and so I decided to try a few new peacocks just for fun. 

The top left is the traditional peacock. Then (going clockwise), I tested a daisy, heart, and circle.


I think out of the new shapes, the heart was my favorite. 

But overall, I like the original peacock shape the best. 

I'm looking forward to a fun week. I have a bunch of projects to share. And, I'm working on two brand new collections for Easter! I can't wait to show you those. I have had several requests for Easter orders already. If you are interested in getting first crack at ordering, please email me at anne@flourboxbakery.com. I'll be notifying everyone on that list as soon as they are available to order. 

Have a sweet week!