Cherry Bomb Salon and Spa

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, March 18, 2012

How long have you known your oldest friend? Jessie is a friend I have know since 6th grade. We just seemed to click right away. We stayed close throughout Jr. High and High School, a trip to Spain and the Jolly Pirate, and then (unplanned) we both went to Penn State, where again we remained close. Now years later, Jessie and I are still close friends. 

Here we are during one of her recent visits to Happy Valley. Jessie is on the left. My big brother is next to her. Then me. And on the right are lovebirds Meg and Lance. This was a fun night!! I know this is a cell phone pic...but can you see Jessie's hair? Hot pink highlights. Really, if anyone I know can pull that off, it's Jessie. 

I am so proud of my sweet friend Jessie. She took a leap and a risk, that many never do. She and her business partner Lori, opened their own business, a chic and hip salon called Cherry Bomb Salon and Spa in Cooperstown, PA. If you're in the Lehigh Valley area, you NEED to check it out. Cherry Bomb is now celebrating their one-year anniversary! And to mark this special occasion, I whipped a few very special cookies to help Jessie celebrate!

I had so much fun making these cookies. I would like to say a very special thank you to Mandy, who helped me get a copy of the salon's logo. And an even bigger thank you to Ben Reffie of SixReffie, a full-time, freelance graphic designer with mad talent! Click here to view Ben's portfolio or to contact him for work on one of your upcoming projects. 

I drew inspiration from both Ben's designs and the salon's decor...here's a close-up of a few of the cookies...

I think my favorite cookie of the group was the black mirror. Ben turned both Jessie (left mirror) and Lori into a retro cartoon chicks. So funky and cool. And isn't that logo the bomb (pun intended)?

Cherry Bomb's decor is directly from the imagination of Jessie and Lori. It's got a vintage vibe with a modern twist. 

This dream sign inspired a few of the cookies. I originally was going to put 'Happy 1st Anniversary', but decided to go with just 'Dream'. It's the passion of these two girls that have turned a dream into a reality ... and it's that passion that got them through their first year. Plus, Happy 1st Anniversary is super long and tough to fit on a cookie. Ha!

Happy Anniversary and congratulations, Jessie and Lori! I'm so proud of youboth and I see many years of success in your future!