Happy Spring, Happy Valley!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's finally spring in Happy Valley. That means the weather is getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, and the football team is starting practice in preparation for the annual Blue and White game.

So what better way to welcome a new spring, a new season, and our new football coach...

...then to turn everyone into PEEPS!

Yep, that's the Peep State football team heading out of the Bunny Stadium tunnel and onto the field.

In case you've never been to a Peep State football game, allow me to introduce you to the cast of characters.

Introducing Peep State's new head coach, Bill O'Peep. He is ready for a new football era, leading his team onto the field for the first time this spring. Coach O'Peep has left no doubt with the fans that he is ready for this challenge and excited to continue to build on the program's goal of 'Sweetness with Honor'.

The uniforms are simple, no emphasis on the individual Peep...but rather a unified look for a unified team. And while the team is talented in every position, Peep State is recognized for being especially strong in the sugarbacker position and is known as 'Sugarbacker U'.

The Peep State fans are loud and wild and full of school spirit. They wear crazy wigs, silly blue and white overalls, and shake their foam fingers. Some have called this group the greatest student section in all of college football. Many students camp out in front of Bunny Stadium for days before the game in what they call 'Peepternoville'. In rain, freezing cold, or snow they spend days in the elements just to get the front-row seats.

No one gets the crowd rallied quite like the Sugary Lion, the team's mascot. He's the king of the beasts, the fiercest lion in the land. Each time the team scores a touchdown, the Sugary Lion shows his strength by doing one-armed push-ups for the number of points the team has earned.

The Peep Band also knows how to get the crowd moving and grooving. The crowd favorites include 'Hail to the Peep', 'Fight on Peep', and the 'Peep State Alma Mater'. Lead by the drum major, it is superstition that if he lands his flips during the opening march of the game, then the team is in for a great win!

The Bunny Sapphire is the featured twirler that performs with the band. She does tricks and flips while twirling multiple batons at once. Outfitted in a sparkly blue and white uniform, she catches the eye of all the single bunnies in the crowd!

The crowd is made up of moms and dads, alumni, students, and even an angel from heaven watching over his team and stadium. 

Just before the team takes the field the crowd takes one last moment to shout encouragement to the team chanting their signature cheer "We Are! Peep State!" 

One of the best features of Bunny Stadium is the way it's designed...completely out of cookies! So if you're watching the game and you get a little hungry? No problem. You can take a little nibble without even leaving your seat! Delicious!

Can you guess how many Peeps are on this diorama? 

There are 112 Peeps...all in costume. The costumes and accessories are made of icing and are completely edible. The walls and awning are made of cookies. 

This project was created for fun and entered into the Annual Pittsburgh Tribune Review Peep Contest. To view the entire slideshow of the 2012 entries, click here.

Thanks for peepin' this and have a sweet week!