Totally Glam Birthday Cookie Set

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, April 23, 2012

I think I smiled the entire time I was decorating this glamorous set of vanity cookies for a special birthday girl. One of my favorite customers contacted me 4 months ago and booked this birthday order for Kaylee, thus the K monogram on some of the cookies. Kaylee works at a local salon, so this set of cookies was salon themed...lots of make-up and pink girly cookies. 

I love making scenes out of cookies...and I have had this particular vision for some time. I knew I wanted some 3-D cookies, like the compacts. I also wanted to make one large 'feature cookie' like the vanity mirror. 

See? It is a cookie. It measured almost 9" tall and 9" wide. I had to cut this cookie by hand because of course I didn't have vanity mirror cookie cutter on hand. I used the airbrush silver to get the shiny, silver appearance on the mirror.

Not only were these some of the most fun cookies to plan and decorate...but I think this was my favorite birthday cake design I've done in a little while.

I used the classic color scheme of white, pink and black. I loved the look of the stripes, but I was so worried the icing would develop craters, or cracks. Thin little areas of icing are super fragile. I try to avoid them if possible. I really had my heart set on this cookie design, so I cracked out my heat gun, and thank goodness it was a success!

Here is a front-view of the cake. So shiny...that's thanks to the quick-dry process with the heat gun.

I loved making the compacts. This one has the eye shadows with a little applicator brush :). The process of making the compacts took some time and planning ahead. I wanted a reflective surface, so again I used the silver color from my new airbrush machine, who I fondly named Blasto. It really was quite reflective. Can you see the colors of the eye shadow are in the 'mirror' surface. This photo definitely captures it!

I also wanted the compact to be open. I made two cookies, decorated them, then once completely dry, built them into it's final form.

See? They are even decorated on both sides. The compacts and the pink hand mirror got the monogram K as well. 

I love this picture of the compact....shows the 3-D, double-decorated sides quite nicely.

The small round compact is the pressed powder...complete with a puffy make-up brush. I hand-painted the bristle detail onto the brush. Now if I could only figure out how to make a working hinge out of icing...this compact could really come to life!

I have always wanted to wear false eyelashes. Maybe when I get my stint on Dancing with the Stars I'll get to wear them. Of course, I'll need to be a star to get on that show. hmmmmm. Can you guess who I would pick as my partner?

The hand mirror was also a two-sided cookie. I had to make sure side one was completely dry before....

flipping it over and decorating side two. This got monogrammed also!

Of course, what make-up table would be complete without a few shades of nail polish and lipstick! 

Other cookies included with this gift were a bottle of perfume, hairspray, a necklace and earring set, a comb, a blow dryer, and a mascara wand. This was the first set of cookies in a long time that I did not want to deliver, but rather, I wanted to keep them. I really enjoyed making this set, so much so, that I might make it available on a local-order only basis. After all, I'm not sure how well a 3-D cookie would ship unless I made it RTA (ready-to-assemble) with toothpicks like I did with a teacup order I did a few months ago. With 20 cookies, this sure would make a sweet, sweet gift for a birthday girl, no??

I love when cookie making is this much fun...thank you to my customer for ordering and giving me the freedom to put this project together ... and thanks to YOU for reading!!

Have a sweet day,