Wedding by the Bay

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here's a little secret...I have a cookie 'bucket list'. A list of dream projects and ideas that I plan to turn to cookie at some point. But, with a busy family life and a hoppin' order schedule, I don't always have time to work on the 'bucket list' projects. 

It's just funny how things work out. Because when I first introduced the Brides Magazine project to some friends (click here to view this amazing collaborative project in full - 16 different cookie decorators created cookies inspired by the pages of the May 2012 Brides Magazine), the actual edition we would be using, wasn't even in print. I had no idea what would be in the magazine. 

On my cookie bucket list, was to cookie Postcard Row from San Francisco. You probably can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across the special section in Brides about planning a wedding on location in San Francisco. Pure delight. Here's my inspiration page (actually pages...since this was a 4-page resource guide).

To get in the mood for this project, I decided to create pretend a couple who was hiring me to make these special cookies for their wedding by the bay. So here is my San Francisco cookie dream wedding...cue the wavy lines and dreamy music.

Here is my adorable, pretend engaged couple...

Sarah and Finn (S & F of course), met on a trolley ride during their first trip to the city. It was love at first sight! They spent the rest of their trip getting to know each other and seeing the sights. After their engagement, they knew they wanted to get married in the lovely city where they had met.

The theme of their wedding would be a play on words using Tony Bennett's famous song, 'I left my heart in San Francisco'.  

So, since they 'found' their heart in San Francisco. They requested a few special SF themed cookies to represent their favorite spots in the city. 


Postcard Row (aka the Painted Ladies), Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a trolley car.

Pretty ladies, all in a row! 

For their guests, they requested heart cookies for the wedding favors. 

I had fun testing out a few new decorating techniques and exploring the different heart cookie cutters I have in my box. I tried a lace cookie (top left, yellow), a quatrefoil pattern (light aqua lower left), and a brushed embroidery cookie (deep aqua lower right) with a bead border around the petals. I mixed these special cookies in with a few monogrammed cookies with polka dots.

So there you have it. One more project I get to happily cross off my list. Now, if you haven't already popped over the view the entire project...do so now. I promise you won't be disappointed!! Here's the link one more time!

Have a sweet day,