How to Decorate a Hedgehog Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, November 2, 2015

Boy meets girl! It's love at first sight! We might need to find a mini hedgehog cutter, now!

It's a cute decorating video for you! Cute cookies don't have to be complicated!

 I love this hedgehog cookie because it is full of cuteness and also super easy!

The face and legs are so small that I used a 20-second ivory royal icing to create those areas. The body is soft pink pipe and flood royal icing.Our royal icing recipe (and tips) is available here. 

I love the hegdge cookie cutter. It goes great with the cute owl, cute fox, and squirrel. All available in our online shop here!

The blush cheeks is added with flamingo pink dust. Available here . A little bit goes a long way, just a dab works. Apply with food safe paint brush (like I did) or use a q-tip and gently rub on dry icing surface.

Finally, like those mini bows? That is created with tip #65s. It's actually a mini-leaf tip, but makes great bows too! You can find it here.


Good news...a video of the cute owl is coming!

And, there is already a cute fox video...actually too! Mr. and Mrs. Fox are both available on YouTube!


This one is my favorite...



Happy Decorating!