Time to Give Thanks!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, November 10, 2012

I am thrilled to be offering 3 brand new cookie collections for Thanksgiving this year! Here are each collection - enjoy!

Give Thanks Cookie Collection - includes 14 cookies, 2 Give Thanks Feature Cookies and 12 Leaves


Here is the full collection. Each leave is carefully decorated with a word of thanks. 

Plus the collection includes 2 of these 4" 'Give Thanks' cookies.

The polka dots are carefully added to each cookie!

A wonderful gift to send or bring to thanksgiving dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving Collection - includes 12 cookies: 2 pumpkins, 2 harvest baskets, 2 Pilgrims, 2 Native Americans, 2 corn husks, and 2 Tom Turkeys.

Just look at that fat Tom Turkey!!

Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim and a close up of the harvest basket.

This Native American cookie is inspired by the design of the great Sweet Sugarbelle!! 

Thanksgiving Dinner Cookie Collection - includes 13 cookies: 1 roast turkey platter, 1 mashed potato, 1 corn, 1 green bean casserole, 1 pumpkin pie with slice, 4 dinner plates, and 4 silverware settings.

I modeled this collection after a set I made for my family last year (check it out here!) You could set it up just like I did!

And what better dish to bring to share on Turkey day, than Thanksgiving dinner - IN COOKIES!!

If you're interested in ordering for Thanksgiving, please do by Friday, November 16th! Click here to view the order page!! 

Thank you to all my family, friends and customers for giving me so much to be thankful for this year!!

Have a sweet day,



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