Day 5 of Cookie Videos: How to Decorate a Nativity Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's Giving Tuesday and Flour Box Bakery is getting in on the fun! We are going to give 20% of today's online sales to our friends at Tender Hands India!! They are doing amazing things and we are excited to support their ongoing efforts to stop human trafficking and help those that have been rescued.

Today's video might just be my favorite. It's a beautiful Nativity scene in a stable. 

And tonight at 7:30 pm EST, I'll be doing a live demo of this cookie on a Webinar with my friends at Secret Keeper Girl! Would you like to watch? Here's the sign-up link in case anyone wants to join us: http://gowoa.me/i/wFmK

Growing up, my family had lots of Christmas traditions. And, setting up our Nativity scene was my favorite. I loved it even more than baking cookies!! My mom has a set given to her by her mom. The paint is chipped and some of the figures are broken and replaced with new ones. But, we still have the original Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. At the end of each Christmas season, we carefully wrap and pack up the figures. Then the next year, it's a big reveal as we each take turns unwrapping a statue and setting the scene in the stable. 

Would you like to see a video of this cookie? Here you go, I think you'll really like this music!

Are you new to cookie decorating? We are using Royal Icing to decorate our cookies! Check out ourtutorials on how to make and use Royal Icing! And you'll also enjoy this blog post with rolling and baking tips! Both links include our recipes!

In this video, I use the house cutter from this gingerbread house set. I liked this because it doesn't have a chimney.


I also used this stencil to create the Nativity silhouettes


Plus, did you see that cute little angel peeking out in the Nativity photo? It was inspired by Sugarbelle's simple angel design.


I also have a video of the simple, sweet cookie design ... coming soon! I used this angel cutter to make this cookie.

Before I go, here are so pretty Nativity sets from Christmas' past. I made both of these projects as a gift for my mom!

And the year before I made this set for my mom!

Are you having fun with the 12 Days of Cookie Videos? We have set up a playlist on YouTube if you want to view the first 4. We'll add the new one each day until we get to 12! Check it out on our YouTube channel here!