Day 12 of Cookie Videos: How to Decorate a Snow Globe Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, December 8, 2015


 In the video we show how to decorate a snow globe video. One of the questions frequently asked is how to create designs that are consistent from cookie to cookie without an expensive projector. Take a look and see a few tips on how this can be accomplished!

The gingerbread cookie is created using a cookie imprint.

While the cookie was still warm, I pressed the gingerbread cutter into the cookie to make a guide for my piping. It's super easy and helpful!

On the tree cookie, I used a royal Icing transfer (see more examples of a transfer on this blog post). A royal icing transfer is an icing decoration that is made ahead (often piped onto parchment), dried, and added to a wet base of icing. Many times an image is printed or sketched and placed under the parchment paper to replicate an exact image over and over.

The tree is the royal icing transfer in this project. I made the transfers a day ahead on parchment. I let the icing dry completely before peeling them off to add to the white just before adding the jimmies. 

I don't use royal icing transfers often because I have a KopyKake (a projector that puts the image on the cookie). 

A few tips about royal icing transfers: 

1. Make sure they are dry before using. They are easier to peel off the parchment if they are dry. And, they won't adsorb any color for the wet base.

2. Make extras...they are fragile and can break easily when peeling.

3. Avoid making transfers that have skinny and fragile areas. They will be difficult to peel. Those small details can always be added after the transfer is on the cookie.

Finally, the snowman snow globe is just freehand.

I used flooding icing to create the snowman body. I did the bottom and top first and allowed them to dry at least an hour before adding the center. This creates that nice definition line. 

Details are added with a #1 tip since they are so small!

I love the size of this cookie. I used the snow globe from the Wilton Polar Cutter Set.  It is available in our shop here!


Feeling sad the 12 days are over? Don't worry, we have a few encore performances planned!! 

Happy Decorating,