How to Decorate A Cupid Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away and I'm already getting in the mood with some really cute cookies, like this Cupid!

CLICK HERE to download a free template of the cupid!


Here is a video showing a start-to-finish look at how he is decorated.

I used a Kopykake (a cookie projector) to help guide my outlines on the cookie. It's not necessary, you can freehand, but sometimes it is nice to have a guide when you're not following the outline of the cookie shape exactly.

If you don't have a KopyKake, don't worry, you can also cut out the sketch and trace it on the cookie.

It doesn't take much time, and if you use a light colored, food-safe marker, it's a great alternative to the expensive projector!

Plus, I made a slight modification to the cookie shape. I trimmed just the 'fringe' from the end of the scarf.

Let me break down the details and tip sizes.


  1. Use a snowman with scarf cookie cutter - flipped upside down.
  2. Use a KopyKake or food marker to help guide the outlines.
  3. Outline the hair (lemon yellow, tip #2) and tunic (sky blue, tip #2). I kept the top of the tunic open so I could control the round shape of the cupid's face.
  4. Outline and flood the face (copper, tip #1.5). I used a 20-second icing for this color (thinner than piping icing, but thicker than flood) to do the small arm and legs areas. The smaller tip size gives me a little more control. Allow these areas to dry for an hour or two in front of a fan before flooding the next areas.
  5. Flood the hair and tunic. Allow to dry at least 2 hours before piping details. 
  6. Add hair lines and a little heart shaped hair cowlick with tip #2.
  7. Add using tip #1 for these fine details, add black line for arrow, string for bow, string belt with heart bow and loose strings, eyes and smile.
  8. With pink piping icing and tip #3 (adds a little beefiness to this detail), pipe the bow handle and arrow tip.
  9. With white icing and tip #3 and good hand pressure, add heart wings.
  10. With soft pink icing and tip #2, add small heart on chest. And the cuteness is complete!


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