How to Decorate an XO Valentine Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What better way to give hugs and hisses than to give the X-O in a cookie! I love how these fun XO cookies turned out. 

I had some extra dough when baking this week and wanted to take the opportunity to explore a unique cookie design with negative space. 

Here are the steps to create this cookie: 


Step 1: Cut out a large 5" cookie.

Step 2: From the 5" cookie, cut out a smaller 3" heart cookie (leaving the center of the heart open).

Step 3: Using the heart cut-out, use mini cutters to cut out an X and an O from the dough.

Step 4: Match it up on the inside of the large 5" heart. Be sure the ends touch the large heart to allow these areas to bake together.

Step 5: Using the 2-1 tool, pop the small X and O out of their cutters.

Step 6: Gently press and seal edges of X/O with large heart together.


Step 7: Outline heart and X and O.

Step 8: Flood the large white heart white. Allow this area to dry for 2-3 hours in front of a fan. Then airbrush with Luck's Gold color with the Narrow Strips stencil to create the background.

Step 9: Flood in the small red X and 0. I added 'hugs and kisses' to the heart in a fun font - but this is optional. I think the design would be cute with or without the text. 

(TIP: if packing cookies in a heat sealed bag, allow to dry 18-24 hours before packing)

Here are two variations using a wet-on-wet technique.

To create the wet-on-wet heart, drop red polka dots on the wet white background. Pull scribe or toothpick through center of dot to create the heart shape.

 I used this Wilton nesting hearts cutter set (available in our shop for $4.79 - not bad for four cutters) for the large heart and the cut-out.

This set of mini cutters was perfect to create the section inside the heart. This set is also available in our shop and is $3.49. I also used the lips cutter and the heart with arrow on the two variations.

I loved how these turned out and I can't wait to give them to my special Valentine's! And, I'm excited to explore this idea again for another holiday. I bet this technique would be fun with an Easter egg!

Happy Decorating!