How to Decorate a Cat Face Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, February 12, 2016

My 4-year-old requested kitty cat cookies to share with her friends at preschool. I was thrilled to finally use this cat face cookie cutter. It's BIG. This cookie is 5.625" big...that's a jumbo cookie!

This design isn't overly complicated. I hate to say it's "easy". Because let's face it, with a busy schedule decorated cookies, even simple ones, should never be considered easy to get done! The process takes takes time. I baked the cookies a few days before I needed to start and had the icing ready the day before too. Then when I was ready to get them done, I could really enjoy the decorating.

Here's a time-lapse video of how the cookie was decorated. 

I am using Royal Icing to decorate these cookies. Click here to check out a blog post for a recipe and tips!

Let me break it down step-by-step.


Step one: Select cutter and plan design! :)

Step two: Outline the top pink section of the face (soft pink pipe, tip #2)

Step three:Outline the bottom of the face (white pipe, tip #2)

Step four: Flood the top of face pink (soft pink flood, bottle tip #3).

Step five: While the base layer is still wet, add white polka dots (flood white flood, tip #1 - this keeps the dots mini sized).

Step six: And, if you want the ears to be in the base layer of icing like I did, add them now, too. The white will melt into the pink background creating a flat surface.

**Allow this section to dry in front of a fan for an hour. This will avoid the pink icing bleeding into the white.

Step seven: Flood the white section of the face (bottle, tip #3)

**Allow this section to dry in front of a fan for an hour.

Adding the details:

Step eight: Add the pink nose and pink face detail at top using a 20-second icing and tip #1.5. The smaller tip provides a little more control over these smaller details. The thinner icing (the 20-second has a few extra drops of water added to the pipe consistency), creates a smooth surface on these icing accents. (Note: this pink is a combo of burgundy and soft pink Americolor food color. I normally don't do much color mixing, but I love the contrast of the darker pink!)

Step nine: Add the eyes with black 20-second icing, tip #2.

Step ten: Wait 30-60 seconds and add a mini white dot with flood icing for a highlight on the eye. This is wet-on-wet and the white dot should melt into the black background for a smooth, round eye. 

Step eleven: Add the smile and whiskers (Black pipe, Tip #1.5)

Step twelve: Admire your adorable cookie!

I allow cookies to dry 18-24 before packing.


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