How to Decorate Princess Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My favorite cookies to decorate are princess cookies! I have done so many over the years and I never tire of them!

When I'm planning a new design, I like to trace the cutter and sketch an idea. These cutters are available in our online ship in the 'Girls' category. 

I usually stick pretty close to the sketch, but I'm flexible and make small changes if needed!

I do have a princess lesson with my online Craftsy class. I show the Princess, Tiara, and wand step-by-step.


You can check it out with my link and save 50% on the class registration! www.craftsy.com/ext/AnneYorks_5350_H

I do also have a time-lapse video of the princess gown and castle!

The gown:

Here is the castle (I used the cake cookie cutter to make this design! It's one of the cutter from our shop!).

It is amazing how one detail can make a really big difference. Look at these cookies side-by-side. The white trim takes a good cookie and makes it really super cute!!!

Add a little heart on the door and it's a cute castle! 

Did you notice the cutter cutter? It's the CAKE! Tricky, huh?

This cutter is available in our online shop - check it out here!

I hope you enjoyed these super sweet cookies! These were delivered to Callao Cafe! 

Soon I'll be switching gears to St. Patty's Day and Easter projects! I cannot wait!

Happy Decorating!