Arabian Nights

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, May 12, 2013

A few weeks ago, I took my little girl and her two best friends to see the local high school's production of Aladdin Jr. It was fantastic! The set, the costumes, the acting. I couldn't help but be impressed with the tremendous effort it took to put together the show. When we were driving home, my little girl said to me, "Mommy, I just had the best day of my life. I can't stop smiling!" Seriously. She is so cute!

So when the request came in for a set of cookies inspired by the show, I was very excited!! Everything was colorful, bright, sparkly and golden. And I tried to reflect that feel in the cookies.


I loved the font on the 'thank you' cookie. It's perfect for the theme! I airbrushed the sides of that pink cookie and gave it a little sprinkle of disco dust. The genie lamp reminded me of the Genie from the show. Watch out Robin Williams...you've got some real competition for the best Genie ever! 

The night sky on this Arabian Night cookie was created using my airbrush. The silhouette of the buildings fell in the perfect spot to capture the color blend.

I love a yellow and blue color combination, and the detail on this flower reminded me of the detail on the costumes, extravagant and gorgeous.

This tiara doesn't necessarily reflect the look of Jasmine's, but I had fun creating my own design using swirls and color dots as the gems. The decorative line of candy pearls at the bottom makes it feel quite regal, no?

My favorite cookie in the bunch was the magic carpet. And this photo cracks me up. Looks like it's really floating!!! Actually, the magic carpet was my favorite part of the show, too. The high schooler that played the carpet never spoke, but used facial expressions and physical comedy to make the part special and memorable. 

The background of this photo represents the Night Sky with golden minarets. I love the sleek shape of the minarets...they were created with Christmas ornament cutters that were trimmed a little here and there. :)

Special thanks to Topher for the photo taking. He takes them while I'm plugging away on new cookie orders!! And a special thanks to the cast of Aladdin Jr. for giving me a special night out with my daughter!

Have a sweet day,