Graduation Cookie Projects

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flour Box Bakery has been taken over by graduation cookies! It's awesome to have our cookies play a small role in such a big day for so many families. Each order is special, whether it's the school colors or a cookie that represents the interest of the grad. Here is a small sampling of the different projects that have been created this year...

This set was created for a Penn State grad that played ice hockey. The favors included her hockey jersey and paw prints in addition to the traditional grad-shaped cookies.

A proud mama ordered these cookies for her daughter and best friend that made straight A's for each year of middle school. She loves pink and purple...so no traditional school colors for this order....just fun girl colors!!! I loved making this set! 

An graduate from Quincy University earned her MBA! What an awesome accomplishment. I think my favorite cookie in this group was teh C.E.O. stars. How great! I used the school colors on this order. I didn't want to overwhelm the fancy rectangle (the one with 'Congratulations Stacey') with a dark brown edge. But, I did want a little shading for the cookie. I mixed pearl and brown airbrush colors and it made the perfect light, shiny color for shading.

This nerdy apple design was created by Sugarbelle's! I love the cuteness of it...and so did many teachers and students!

A grandmother wanted something special and personal for her grandson at his graduation party. He played trumpet in the band. I loved making those little grad guys too - that design was also inspired by Sugarbelle's! She's just the best, no!!??

Two brothers celebrated their graduation on the same day. One enjoyed hockey and the other is a Special Olympics athlete! Way to go Tim and Chris! I surely hope you enjoyed your special cookies!

And now that the graduation orders are finished...bring on the beach cookies!! School's out for summer!! 

Have a sweet day,