Wreck It Beckett and TMNT

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday party orders are always lots of fun. And this weeks orders were no different.

I LOVED making these manhole covers for Eli's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party favors. 

My basketweave stencil from The Cookie Countess was perfect to create the texture on the top of the manhole cover, but still allowed me to add Eli's name and age.

Here's a close up of the cookie. I used a TMNT font to make his name pop right off the cookie...and of course the colors had to be green, black and red.

I also had and order for Beckett's 'Wreck It Ralph' themed birthday party. The theme of the party was Wreck It Beckett!! Isn't that so perfect?

I made giant pounding fist cookies and a brick cookie with Wreck it Beckett.

I didn't have a big hand cookie cutter, so I had to cut those by hand, which I didn't mind.

I used a 16-bit style font on the lettering to give the text more of a video game feel. It took a little longer than I expected to pipe each cookie because the letters were so skinny. Thank goodness for my small icing tips!

I actually mixed red and black airbrush colors to make the brick background. I loved the final color!

For the girls at the party, I also made cookies with a Sugar Rush theme.

The swirly lollipops were packed with a stick to look like a real lollipop!

These "You're My Hero" cookies are inspired by the movie. I think they are so cute and they were probably my favorite from the set!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these birthday party favors. It's so much fun designing a cookie that goes with an event's theme!!

Have a sweet day,