Fireman Party Favors

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Guess what I made? 

French Macarons - oh so yummy. They were delicious! This was the first time I attempted them. I was thrilled to get a shiny top and feet on my first try. These were lemon, my favorite flavor! I plan to make many, many more! I am so excited. I might need a few local friends to taste test them for me. Have you had macarons? Do you love them? Do you live in the State College or Bellefonte area? Email me at anne@flourboxbakery.com and I will hook you up with some samples. We can then discuss what flavors work and what needs to be improved :)

Guess what else I made?

These CUTE fireman cookies. I mean c'mon...aren't they adorable? It's the rosy cheeks that get me! 

I actually made a bunch of fireman party themed favors this week for the Village Eatinghouse. It's in celebration of the Pleasant Gap Fire Company Carnival going on this weekend. Check out these cookies!

Here are a few close-ups so you can see the detail on the cookies. I'll be adding these as favors to my online shop so that they can be ordered. As soon as I do, I'll add links to this blog post.

The fire truck has lots of fun details: a ladder, control panel, cute wheels and a flashing light up top!

The helmet is great because if this was a party favor, the number can be personalized. I choose #8 since that is the number of the local fire company.

Gotta have a dalmatian in the mix, right? I wish this photo would have been taken on a dark background, because it's tough to see with white on white. But you get the idea.

Fireman badge cookies....also great to personalize with a birthday name and age. This is a big cookie too! 

The fire hydrant is fun to make. 

And here they are, all together! I hope the weather is beautiful this weekend for everyone to enjoy the carnival!

One other quick bakery update - new shirts, sweatshirts, totes and aprons will be available soon. I will be taking orders for those that want some Flour Box Bakery merch!! They will be cute!! I promise.

Have a sweet day,