Designing a cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, August 8, 2013


I think the number one question people ask me is, "How long does it take to make a cookie?".


It varies depending on the size and design of the cookie. But there are a lot of phases to the process: mixing dough, chilling dough, rolling out and baking, mixing icing, and decorating. But before the dough is even mixed, the very first thing I do is plan out the cookie design.


This cookie order is a great example of how several cookie designs work together to create unique, personalized favors for a golden wedding anniversary. Take a look:



I was asked to create three favors for Harold and Nancy's 50th Anniversary party. The main color of the order was of course gold. I introduced a light dusty rose into the mix to brighten the color palette. It's a great accent color.


See that sweet little swirly rose on the plaque cookie? Not only is that pretty rose pink pretty on the heart, but it also added a perfect accent element to the plaque cookie.  It's just a little splash of color that makes a big difference.

Since the golden anniversary has a more traditional feel to it, I decided to incorporate the damask design into the cookies. 

I used used royal icing to stencil the damask pattern on the base layer of the anniversary cake.

See how pretty this looks? It's looks better than if it was piped by hand, in my opinion. 

Using my gold airbrush color and the same damask stencil, I airbrushed a background design onto the plaque cookies.

I love the shimmer on the cookie! And, since it was only airbrushed onto the background, I could still pipe the text on top.

The heart shared two design elements from the other favors. They all used a beaded border, and the '50' was the same font as the anniversary cake favor. 

Individually, these favors stand on their own, but together, I think they really shine!

Each of these favors are available in the Flour Box Bakery online shop. For more information about these cookie and other wedding favors, click here!

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