The Making of a Cookie Cutter

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few other cookie decorators and taking a tour of Foose Cookie Cutters! I grew in Kutztown, PA and Foose is in Fleetweed, PA only 10 minutes away!!

I loved meeting these ladies...

From the left: Rebekah from Love at First Bite, Nicole from Salsa Sweets, Morgan from Mighty Delighty, Tracy from Whisked Away Cookies, Sarah from Songbird Sweets, Stephanie from The Hungry Hippopotamus, ME, and Lene from Not Your Everyday Cookie. 


Foose Cookie Cutters is family owned and operated by Silvia and Rick and their two daughters Kristi and Stacy. They make each cutter by hand with lots of love! And, not only are the cutters made in the USA, but they only buy tin from the USA too! I think that is pretty cool!

Sylvia and the family at Foose Cookie Cutters generously invited us into their production facility and showed us just how they make thousands and thousands of cookie cutters that are sold EVERYWHERE! Just look at your tin cutters in your cupboard, each Foose cutter is stamped with their family name. I bet you have a few!

Many years ago, Horman O. Foose - a talented tinsmith, started making cookie cutters. At first they were made by hand, but soon Mr. Foose developed a mold that could be used to make many cookie cutters at once. Foose has more than 800 cutter molds. Here is a video (from the @flourboxbakery instagram) showing how the mold works.


I took a few pictures of the molds...can you guess what they are? I'll post the answers at the bottom.

Did you guess them all? From the top, they are: cowboy hat, dinosaur, teapot, guitar, jersey, and octopus - or a moose if you flip it upside down! 

I had lots of fun shopping in their store! Wall-to-wall cookie cutters! I had a little trouble restraining myself!

These are the cutters I found. Look at that heart - it's 10"! And yes, that's a GIGANTIC goose cookie cutter. I have someone special in mind for that cookie!

Looks like fun, right?

I also got to make my own mini-snowflake! It was fun and easy too! I am pretending to use my insanely-strong-dough-rolling arms to mold that tin. It was actually pretty easy!

And, they gave each of us a goodie bag FILLED with cutters!

I have many of these cutters, so, on behalf of Foose, I'd like to do a little giveaway! One winner will be selected to receive these cutters: mitten, snowflake, house, star, ghost, dragonfly, turkey, flower, and maple leaf.

Just post a friendly comment below and you'll be entered (US residents only, please, unless you're willing to pay for international shipping).  I will pick a winner on Thursday night...so be sure to enter by 6pm on Thursday, August 15th!