Flour Box Heroes

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meet the Flour Box Heroes: Robot Boy, Magic Boy, Solar Girl, Jet Boy and Moon Girl!!

Flour Box Bakery and Plaz Comics teamed up to create this amazing set of Super Hero cookies!!

These original Super Hero characters were created by my amazing, talented brother, Andrew, the owner of Plaz Comics, located in the *new* Great Mish Mosh on Allegheny Street in Bellefonte. Not only is Andrew a comic collector and seller, but he is an insanely amazing artist!

The story of these characters unfolds in a small town with a cute little bakery. Each hero has a unique special power that protects the world from evil forces. They maintain and strengthen their powers by eating a Flour Box Bakery cookie ;)

Let's meet each character in more detail! 

Jet Boy is the youngest of the 5 Flour Box Heroes. He fights crime with his incredible speed! Able to transform into any flying object, Jet Boy can clean up a crime scene faster than the speed of light!

Moon Girl is a quiet, peaceful soul until the bad guys start making trouble. She uses her 'moon force' to push and pull her enemies, manipulating them just as the moon moves the ocean waves. There is no hero stronger than Moon Girl.

This quirky hero is known for silliness and spends most of his time the dance floor with his signature robot moves. But don't dismiss this likable bucket of bullets as weak, because with one zap of his laser beam, his nemesis turns to a pile of dust! 

Magic Boy is one act you don't want to miss. Creating illusions and disappearing on cue are just a few of his talents. Confusing the enemy never looked so easy, so don't even blink, or you'll miss it!

Solar Girl has a sunny, radiant personality, but takes offenses against the environment particular hard. Villains won't see her ultraviolet rays attacking, but within seconds will be stunned into a heat-filled stupor when facing the solar power! Litterbugs beware!

Individually, each character is strong, but when united as a team, they are UNSTOPPABLE!!

All is peaceful for now.

But, it won't be long before the Flour Box Heroes face their greatest challenge. Stay tuned as the next chapter in this baking adventure continues!! To be continued....

I would like to thank my brother for collaborating on this truly original super hero project with me. These characters and more will be available for your next super hero party!!!

Have a sweet day,