Happy Birthday Super Alex!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, August 19, 2013

If you were turning 4, wouldn't you want to be turned into a Super Hero? That's just what Alex's mom did! She ordered him a custom cape with his own 'Super A' on the back! And, she ordered a cookie topper for the cake with her son as SUPER ALEX!

Here is a short, little 10-second Instagram video of the birthday just dying to grab that big cookie!

He looks excited, right? Maybe that's because that cookie was iced on both sides! 

This Super Alex design was created by brother, Andrew. He also created the Flour Box Heroes - which are so super cool, click here to check them out on a previous blog post. 

Here are the original sketches that I used for the cookie design. He made so many designs of Super Alex, but this one was the best! We both loved the action of him taking off!

Here is the real Super Alex, posing with his cookie cake.

Here is Super Alex with the cupcake toppers - made to represent his logo, the 'Super A'!

This is the back side of the cookie topper! I was so excited to make this special cookie!

The cookies looked amazing on the cake and cupcakes! 

I spelled out S-U-P-E-R A-L-E-X in cookies for the base of the cake!

And here are just a few of the 50 cupcakes at the party!

After we all sang Happy Birthday, here is Super Alex enjoying his very special treat!

Thank you so much to my brother for providing this amazing design and a special thanks to Super Alex's mom for coming up with such a fun party theme and including Flour Box Bakery in the plans. Thanks for the order, Christine!!

Have a SUPER day,