Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, August 30, 2013


Did you know that I'm a mom (and an aunt)? Yep! I am. I have two little girls. And, I take my job as mom even more seriously than my job as baker, so that's pretty serious. 

And so today's blog post is a recount of when those two worlds collide...cookies and girls!! Kaboom. It's gonna get a little crazy right now!

I was recently invited to make some very special cookies for my friends at Secret Keeper Girl. They are kicking off a new tour called the CRAZY HAIR TOUR. (and yes, the show lives up to it's name!) You may already know about Secret Keeper Girl, an idea created by speaker and author Dannah Gresh. There is an amazing, energetic show that is currently traveling around the United States that teaches girls about the true meaning of beauty. 

I think the name, Secret Keeper Girl, is catchy. But if you haven't had a chance to read one of the books or attend a show, you might be wondering what it means. This is from www.secretkeepergirl.com (their site full of resources for girls and moms):

"What is a Secret Keeper Girl? Well, she’s a lot of things. And she’s NOT a lot of things. She’s NOT a mean girl. She’s a girl whose friendships are full of kindness. She’s NOT boy crazy. Moms, can I get an Amen? She a girl who knows she can share all of her heart-secrets with her mom at any time. She’s also a girl who embraces modesty. Why? Because she knows that she is a masterpiece created by God. She strives to keep the deepest secrets of her authentic beauty a secret! A normal girl takes her cues from fashion designers that dress her like she’s seventeen and take relationship cues from normal boy-crazy friends. But a God-crazy girl takes her cues from the Bible, her parents and…well, maybe even our crazy fashion show that dares her to be different." 

Here are the cookies I created for Secret Keeper Girl...

I haven't had this much fun making cookies in a long time. I looked at a ton of crazy hair ideas created three girls: 

The blue-and-yellow-haired girl with curly hair.

The adorable fro girl with pink highlights and sparkly blue headband! This girl was actually created using a cupcake shaped cookie cutter - special thanks to my girl Andrea from Cupookie for the design idea on this cookie!

And, the girl with pink hair that is standing straight up and out!

The logo cookie was a total blast to create! I loved the bright colors! 


And, since the SKG crew seems as crazy for daisies as me...I made some polka-dotted, dizzy daisies!!!

These cookies were featured at a reception for the show sponsors and participants. Here are the platters ready to be set up for the guests!

But what is a party without cake? Julia Child said it's just a meeting. So, to make sure this event was kicked up to party status, I had to whip up a few tasty cupcakes with colorful daisy cookie toppers.

Once the cookies were delivered, I raced home to get my daughter and niece ready for the show. We had some hair to do!

For my daughter, I made two French braids and then we added a million bows. She was looking bowtastic for the show.

And for my niece, I made a winding French braid. I've always wanted to do one of those.

We were ready for our special girls' night out! Well, we thought we were ready, but we had no idea what was in store for us ...

When we walked into the show, the first thing we noticed was the gigantic stage set-up. It's amazing! And, I loved the crazy balloon thingys! Where do you even find something like that? 

The show features a pre-concert with girl group, 1 Girl Nation. This awesomely talented group of girls offers music that is not only tons of fun, but is also filled with a positive message. We didn't get their cd that night, but I'm hoping to get it as a surprise for my daughter's upcoming birthday. The last SKG show was full of fun music and dancing, but having the live music of 1GN mixed in with the show made it feel like a concert! 

The show is fast-paced, never boring, and totally interactive. Author and speaker Suzy Weibel is the main emcee of the event. She is a teacher and entertainer by nature, and since we also happen to be friends, I feel confident in saying that Suzy is one of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met. 

I think that is why I enjoyed the show so much. Any performer can get up and put on a good show, right? But with Suzy, it's different. She lives what she teaches. She's honest and easy to relate to no matter what age you are. As a mom, she is exactly the kind of role model I want for my daughter. And her shoes were flippin' cool.

But let's not overlook her hilarious, pink-lovin', sidekick Charmaine.

Charmaine is just a ball of crazy, fun energy and it's super obvious that she was born to be on stage. She had all of us cracking up, especially me. And when I say cracking up, I'm not talking about a dainty, lady-like giggle. I'm talking about a full-blown guffawing. I really couldn't help myself.

The show is interactive, encouraging participation from the entire audience. At times, some girls are invited on stage for special activities like a totally cute fashion. 

And there are also many times when mothers and daughters are encouraged to discuss a topic or pray together. 


The tour already has 50 stops booked in the US and Canada. Jump on their website to get the schedule and get tickets. www.secretkeepergirl.com. They also have books, a show dvd, cds and more for your Secret Keeper Girl!

And, thanks again to my friends at SKG for including Flour Box Bakery in such an amazing event!!


Have a CRAZY, sweet day,