CookieCon or BUST!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

CookieCon or BUST!

The Flour Box team leaves for CookieCon in two weeks and we couldn't be more excited! We are literally going to take the Flour Box show on the road. Think fun cookie products, exciting cookie decorating demos, and meet members of our amazing team!!

Here's our staging area right now!! (organized chaos at it's best!)

Haven't heard of CookieCon? You need to visit www.cookiecon.com for the details. It's a trade show that brings together the cookie decorating community. There are tons of classes, demos, a sugar show, cookie tasting, and lots of crazy cookie people! This year, the event is in Louisville, Kentucky on February 26-29. It is sold out, but you can add this to your radar and try to get a ticket for 2021 (location TBA)! I'm a big fan of CookieCon and attend each year! It's an amazing opportunity for our community to come together, have fun, learn, share cookies and buttons, and just have lots and lots of fun. 

Will you be at CookieCon? Come visit The Flour Box in the Vendor Room! We have reserved booth 15 and 16. 

This is the first year The Flour Box will be a vendor and we could not be more excited (and a little nervous if I'm honest). Here's what we have planned and we hope you'll stop and say hi!

Meet our Team

We love being an online shop, but we want to meet you face-to-face! Come say hi and let's talk about cookies!!! My husband Topher and our daughter Cecelia will be making the trip to Kentucky to help with our booth. We are also bringing Kristyn and Stacy from the Flour Box team! We are all so excited to connect with everyone at CookieCon.

Get a FREE Button or Sticker

We have ordered some really fun buttons and stickers to share and trade!! Do you want to be branded as a SMART COOKIE? Then come get a button! Hooray!

Learn and Shop

Get inspired by the dozens of finished cookie samples on display in our booth. We are also going to be selling stuff. Yep! If you're looking for cutters, stencils, genie products, and cookie tools come see us! We are bringing our 7 best-selling Cookie Decorating Kits and we will be releasing one NEW KIT at CookieCon!  Our team will be available all weekend to help you with your cookie questions!

Live Cookie Decorating!!

I will be bringing cookies and icing and decorating in our booth. I am excited to share some of my favorite techniques, answer your questions, and show you have to use some of my favorite cookie tools! I'll post a schedule soon so you can plan ahead if you want to stop by!

Are you a CookieCon Newbie??

Is this your first time coming to CookieCon? I'm sure you're excited, but maybe you're a little nervous too? That's normal. This is the most friendly, helpful amazing crowd on the planet. You will be in good company!

The event has grown over the years (yay!) and there is more to do than you'll have time for. I suggest making a list of the things you can't miss (demos, classes, etc) so that you prioritize what is most important to you. Build in some buffer time to hang in the common areas and meet new people!! Don't miss some of my favorite parts of CookieCon:

  • The cookie tasting on Saturday morning. Grab a coffee and get your tray of samples. This is so fun and tasty. I love to gobble them up!

  • Visit the Sugar Show. Be confident and bring a contribution to the show. All levels are on display. The room is FULL of creativity don't miss visiting it!
  • Make the most of your classes. Bring a notebook and an open mind. Keep track of ideas you want to bring back home. I love taking time on the return trip to pick a few things to try as soon as I get home.
  • Visit The Flour Box team in the vendor room (hahahaahaha....shameless self promoting here). We are friendly and would love to see you. So if you find yourself with a little window of time, come say hello!!!

Got CookieCon questions? Post them below! I'd love to share my excitement for the event!

Hope to see you in two weeks!